Installation Instructions.

Included in the box*

  • Kick Pull Stop Aluminum Bracket (x1)
  • Wood Screws (x3)
  • Metal Screws (x3)
  • Kick Pull Door Decal (x1)

*If any parts listed above are not included, please do not begin installation and instead contact


Instructional diagram.

  1. Locate Pull Side of the Strike Side of the Door.
  2. Place Kick Pull Stop ½” – 1” (12.5mm – 25mm) from Edge of door and 1/8” – 1/2” (3mm – 12mm) from bottom of door.

*Before screwing in Kick Pull Stop, please assure it will not come in contact or damage anything (ie: other doors, walls or cabinetry etc.) once installed and door is swinging.

  1. Using a Drill, screw in self-tapping screws through the 3 screw holes located in the bracket portion of the Kick Pull Stop. Wood doors or other doors with delicate skins may require predrilling 1/8” (3mm) pilot holes to avoid damage to the door skin.
  2. Your new Kick Pull Stop should now be installed. Test the Kick Pull Stop by opening the door fully and enjoy hands-free door operation. Don’t forget to mount the decal on the door at eye level so others can also enjoy the sanitary hands-free door operation that the Kick Pull Stop offers.