Kick Pull.

#KickCOVID with the #KickPull.

Due to the global pandemic right now, there has been an influx of interest in options for door entries regarding minimization of the spread of germs due to COVID 19.

Watch Kick Pull in action.

Feel safe with Kick Pull.

We are excited to introduce a new product being manufactured called the “Kick Pull”. This is a revolutionary product that allows the public to open a door with their foot instead of using their hands. During this present global issue, this product will be essential for many businesses and establishments moving forward.

This hands free door pull is affordable, easy to use, and can be retrofitted on any “push/pull” application. The Kick Pull promotes sanitary protocols which will allow the public to feel safe upon entering an establishment as well as entering and exiting restrooms.

“Hands FULL = Hands FREE”.

The solution to a opening a closed door when your hands are full. Makes life easier for customers, messengers and delivery people.

Brought to you by More Than Doors.